Meta Lion Circle

Success is a choice

What is MLC?

We are Meta Lions. We don't follow paths; we create our own trail! We don't imitate; we innovate! It has always been easy to follow trends, but it's much harder to be original.

Meta Lion Circle is an investment in a pioneering project that will set the future standard of meaningful NFT projects that can impact our lives significantly.

The Meta Lion Circle ecosystem features 9.999 one-of-a-kind 3D 4K rendered NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are split into three unique collections of 3.333 units and follow a coherent narrative from start to finish.

Sounds great, but why should I invest in MLC? What makes you different?

Because we believe the community stands above all. It is our deepest persuasion that our NFT holders are not our clients but our investors. Investors want returns; we generate returns. They don't work for us; we work for and with them.

100% of the secondary sales royalty allocation goes to the community without a single dime for the founder, the seed investors, or the team.

Besides constantly providing for their family, Meta Lions are fully dedicated to environmental conservation and climate action, animal protection, local job creation and renewable energies.

The project is built on solid in-real-life foundations, brought to life by a highly competent, skilled, and experienced team in collaboration with professional and rock-solid partners. Every member dedicates maximum effort to the long-term development, growth, and diversification of our venture to provide sustainable income streams and consistently raising the value of our NFTs.