Integrating a climate action strategy is a core element of this project. We take our responsibilities very serious and go even further than just compensate for our carbon footprint. We display with pride that we have already achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first carbon negative NFT project. UNFCCC certified since 23 February 2022.

We want the world to recognize that the tremendous detrimental impact of carbon emissions on the environment must be addressed, and we want to demonstrate to the industry how to do it, in hope of inspiring many others to follow our lead. We provide a leaderboard of the top NFT projects against the CO2 footprint of their smart contracts.

  • We are compensating for all current and future transactions by re-allocating royalties on secondary market sales.
  • We are providing tools to simplify members' access to certified compensation credits for their transactions through our own, custom compensation NFTs (CO2CNFT) while encouraging this procedure with various rewards.
  • Impact Scope, one of our partners, is assisting us with the certification procedure of the natural game reserve as an offsetting project. Once certified, the profits from the sales of our self-generated CO2 credits will be returned to our NFT holders.
  • We are working on securing collaboration deals with other projects to participate in our offsetting program.

Calculate the carbon footprint of your crypto wallet

The Meta Lion Circle historical carbon footprint calculator is the most precise carbon footprint calculator for ETH wallet addresses.